Other Initiatives

S c r o l l D o w n

Other Initiatives

Associazione culturale “Why Not?” was born to expand the English Camp Orsago project, but as we grow up as a team we’re opening up to a whole new range of initiatives.

To choose what’s next in our path, we ask ourselves these questions:

  • Does it fit our mission?
  • Is it in line with one or more of our team members’ personality, dreams and potential?
  • Does it meet a real demand or a necessity of our community?

If the answer is yes, we start working to turn the idea into reality employing our own skills or finding new energies to bring into the team. As our own name says, why not?

See what we’re doing at the moment: English courses for adults, local events. You can also shoot us an email and tell us about a project you would like to bring to life: when it comes to new initiatives and collaborations, we’re always listening.