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Only 2 days and 2018 edition of English Camp Orsago will start, and we’re all working for the last details. Nevertheless, we would like to borrow 5 minutes from our duties and introduce you another American new entry of this year’s camp: Austin.

Let’s discover something more about him.

Introduce yourself to our camp community!

Hello! My name is Austin and I’m one of the Tutors this summer at the Orsago summer camp 2018. I’m from a small town in the United States called Hamlet, North Carolina. For the past two years, I have been teaching English in a village in southeastern Macedonia working with elementary school students. My background and training is as an archaeologist and I plan to continue my education in the United States in fall 2019. Some other interesting facts about me: my favorite color is green, I love playing chess, and spinach is my favorite vegetable.

Why did you choose to be part of our camp?

I love the kind of culture and energy that only summer camps provide. We learn new things, make great friends, learn about others, and we learn a lot about ourselves, too. For the past several years, I’ve participated in all sorts of capacities at summer camps around the world, in the United States, China, Macedonia, and now Italy. I really enjoy how camp allows us to learn, grow, and get engaged through a new set of experiences. I wanted the chance to work with a new group of campers, see the beauty of northern Italy, and work in a fun and engaging environment. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at Orsago!

What “kind” of teacher will you be at the camp?

I’m the kind of teacher who brings a lot of energy to the classroom, excited about getting others excited about learning. I am reminded of motto Ms. Frizzle, the teacher from the cartoon The Magic School Bus: “Take chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!” In any classroom, I hope to learn as much as I teach!

Such a great presentation, isn’t it? We look forward to meeting him in a few days, together with the other tutors. See you tomorrow with the last interview for this year’s camp!



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