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Today we want to introduce you to the first stars and stripes tutor for this year camp : Alec. He is a biology student that taught English in China in the past. Our tutors have a wide range of backgrouds so that they can add even greater and personal value to the childrens’ experience.

Let’s see what he says about himself. 

Introduce yourself to our camp community! My name is Alec Fufidio and I’m a 26 year old biology student currently studying at the University of Bonn. I’m originally from the US but I’ve lived in 3 countries including Germany and China. I’m an energetic and lively person that loves to keep my students laughing and engaged, as I truly believe that memorable teachers make for memorable lessons. I’ve done extensive classroom and laboratory work and hope to be a science educator. My hobbies include an unhealthy amount of video games and trying to counteract that with exercise.

Why did you choose to be a part of our camp? I genuinely love teaching as I find it to be a wonderful opportunity to be a positive influence on children. If someone can inspire that spark of interest within them, it can lead to a lifetime of learning and achievement.

What “kind” of teacher will you be at the camp? I will be a very high energy and engaged teacher. I always try and keep the students active because there are very few students who just like to be lectured. I 100% believe that it takes more than just hearing something to learn it, and I incorporate that philosophy into all of my lessons.

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