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Today we move to the US to meet our first American tutor for this year’s English Camp. Victoria is a teacher and at the camp will be the Tutor for the kids of second grade. Let’s see what she tells us!

Introduce yourself to our friends at the camp!

Hello! My name is Victoria LaRegina. I am 29 years old and from a small town in New York. I am a substitute teacher in a technology based middle school in Connecticut. Other than teaching, I am big into fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. Being a workout feen, I am always looking for a way to stay active. Some of my other hobbies include going to country concerts, hiking, going to the beach, cooking and traveling. 

Why did you choose to be part of this camp?

Nine years ago, I was lucky enough to have been given a chance to study abroad in Milan, Italy for a semester. When I was offered the opportunity to return during the summer 2017 to teach, I was beyond ecstatic to hear the news. I absolutely love to teach and look forward to teaching second graders at Camp Associazione Why Not? The camp sounds like a great active way for children to be involved with their learning. 

We are only halfway through our presentations. Stay tuned. 


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