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Again this year no holidays for the Team of “Associazione Why Not“, we have a camp to set up!!

We are about 10 days away from this year’s camp and we are thrilled! As every year we would like to introduce you in advance the Tutors that will share with us the journey. We decided to begin the introductions not with a new face, but with a good old friend of us: Jonathan.

That is why he decided to come back:

“Hi everyone! I chose to return to the camp because I really the enjoyed the atmosphere last year and being a part of the Orsago Camp community. The staff members are really a hard working group who create an awesome and fun environment for all the children to learn English and it’s going to be a pleasure to be part of it all again! (I also love the food!!)”

While waiting to (finally!!) hug our dear Jonathan again we propose you again his last year’s interview!

Introduce yourself to our camp community!

My name is Jonathan and I’m a 26-year-old disability support career from Australia. I am an enthusiastic person who likes to encourage others and really enjoy assisting the kids I work with through schooling, diet, exercise and general life skills. I like writing and have a university degree in Journalism, plus experience writing for various newspapers and websites. I enjoy keeping active as well and my favourite sport to play is basketball. I am also an Italian citizen as well as Australian (thanks to my mother!) and plan to travel around Italy after the camp to hopefully experience the Italian culture and learn about my heritage!

Why did you choose to be part of our camp?

I enjoy working with young people and also travelling and meeting new people from different cultures. The camp seemed to be a great opportunity to do both while teaching English in a fun environment! Plus as the name of the camp states… “Why not?!”

What “kind” of teacher will you be at the camp?

I will be hard working and organised, but love to have a laugh and keep things entertaining as well. I also value teamwork and making sure everyone feels included. My approach is always cheerful and optimistic so I hope my class has a lot of fun while learning some English along the way! Looking forward to the opportunity to teach at the camp!

Thank you very much Jonathan! Can’t wait to see you again! 


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