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Today we will talk about a familiar face of our English Camp, a key element: Andrea. We can say Andrea is the history of the camp: he began as kid he attending the camp for several years, then he was too old to be a student and he became helper and finally this year, once he turned 18 he became staff. We are more than happy that this summer he decided to be part of our team again. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself for our new friends.

Introduce yourself to our friends at the camp!

Hi, my name is Andrea, I’m 18 and I attend ITIS technical High School in Pordenone. I’ve attended English camp since I was 6 years old, at the beginning with my sister but then she grew up and had to stop as she went to the university. Aftern many years as “entertained” I was given the chance to become part of the organization of the camp as Helper. Now that I am 18 I can be part of the staff and help more in all the activities.


Why did you choose to be part of this camp?

I decided to continue this experience because this year I am part of the staff but most of all for the company I share this 2-weeks experience with. Another reason that encourages me to go on with the camp is the chance to meet new people from all over the world as the tutors come from countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, etc. Years after years I also got a certain feeling with the kids. Since I’m very tall many kids see me as a mountain to climb and for this reason they laugh a lot and they make also other kids and myself laugh.

What kind of entertainer will you be at the camp?

I always try to amuse the kids with games and jokes because if they enjoy it means that my job as entertainer is done in the best way possible. Another good thing is that I become friends with the kids as some of them continue to attend the camp for years. I always try to be as much accurate as possible in what I do but I also want to enjoy myself, otherwise without fun all of these would not make sense! (and one of the reasons I have fun is the group I work with 😉 )

It’s so touching reading the words of someone that has been part of the camp for so many years. Keep following us for other articles!



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