#MeetTheTeam 2016: Monika

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Time to introduce our second teacher, Monika. She is a CELTA English instructor who comes from Poland and has previously taught in Lisbon, Portugal. Her high levels of energy and enthusiasm will win everyone over, we are sure!

MonikaIntroduce yourself to our friends at the camp.

Hello everyone, I’m Monika. I have a great passion for travelling and exploring new cultures, that’s why I decided to become a teacher—to be able to live in different places, discover new ways of life and share what I learned with other people. I’ve studied Journalism, but for now, teaching is what I really want to do. I also love learning new languages, I’ve learned a bit of Portuguese when I lived there and I recently started with Italian. Besides that, I am a huge fan of food, I like cooking and trying new flavours; and also a fan of sports.

Why did you choose this camp?

Two reasons. Italy is one of my favorite countries, so I am really happy to spend some time here. The weather, the views, the people and obviously the food make me want to come back again and again. And secondly—sadly enough, English is believed not to be a strong side of Italian people, and since nowadays it is an essential skill to lead a full and enjoyable life, I’d like to contribute to raising English proficiency in the youngest generation.

What kind of teacher will you be?

A teacher that really cares for the students and the progress they are making. One that is full of positive energy and ideas, dynamic and approachable. I want to make sure the kids have lots of fun while learning, and that this camp becomes an unforgettable experience for them. I will also make sure they leave with a strong motivation to learn more.
Stay tuned to learn more about our Camp 2016 teachers!

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